Hall of the « Three Marshals »
Duras Castle

Duras Castle

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From the basement to the top of the tower, follow the guide !

The Castle comes to life through the stones and we can easily imagine the celebrations in the Hall of the « Three Marshals », the rapid movements of the servants in the « Hundred logs » kitchen, the smell of bread in the bakery…

Hall of the « Three Marshals » zoom
Ceremonial hall dedicated to the festivities and ceremonies.

The inner courtyard zoom
The Courtyard has an Italianate style and looking up, we can see the private apartments of the Duke and Duchess.

Bakery zoom
This bakery, built into the bedrock, provided bread to the people of the castle and those of the villagers when they took refuge there.

Virtual tour
See the panoramic view

The Dining Room and Balcony zoom
We can imagine the Duke and Duchess taking their meals in this intimate room. The balcony offers a magnificent view of the Dropt Valley. It is possible to reach the front of the Castle via the restored walkway.

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