Duras Castle

Visitez le château

The « Hundred Logs » kitchen zoom
This huge room has a large fireplace where it would have been be possible to roast a whole ox.

Well zoom
30 m deep, it used a Roman-inspired water supply network for the basement and the informal gardens.

Room of Secrets or the « Whispering Gallery » zoom
Come and discover the magic of this room and whisper your secrets!

« Frigate loft » zoom
The ceiling was built around 1740 of pegged oak beams and has the appearance of the hull of a wooden ship. It fell into disrepair in the 1950’s, and was rebuilt in 1975 by highly skilled.

Tower zoom
This was the look-out post, checking movement in the Dropt valley, the vines, the roads and the rivers. From the top there is a magnificent 360° view, but you have to clime 120 narrow stairs to experience it!